Andor Genesis from the original Xevious.

Andor Genesis (アンドア ジェネシス?) is a recurring enemy in the Xevious series, which resembles a lesser mother-ship. So far, the Andor Genesis has appeared in every Xevious game in the series.


Artwork of Andor Genesis

Attack PatternEdit

When the Solvalou is about to reach the Andor Genesis, cannon ball-like mines start flying at you, but when are shot, they release one standard enemy bullet. After a few seconds, the Andor Genesis appears from hiding, and starts firing multiple standard enemy bullets at you. The only way to defeat Andor Genesis is by launching a standard bomb into it's central core, which instantly destroys it.


There are varieties of the Andor Genesis, such as Genesis, Garu Andor Genesis, and Xornot Genesis.

Fardraut Densetsu Variants Edit

Some of the Andor Genesis requires more hits in order to be Deactivated/destroyed, among them have their own colors

  1. Pink - Requires 3 hits
  2. Yellow - Requires 4 hits
  3. Gold - Requires 5 hits
  4. Red - Requires 2 hits
  5. White - basic Andor Genesis, only 1 hit is required to be deactivated
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