Xevious Bragza


Bragza (ブラガ) is the living core of Andor Genesis, and is also the core essence of GAMP. The core appears in every Xevious game to date, and it is the final boss in Xevious Resurrection. Bragza is shown to be the core essence of GAMP, and is implied that the core is sentient in itself. Bragza is also the core of every Andor Genesis mothership, and will flee when the Solvalou destroys the ship, and is completely indestructible much like the Bacura, but that's probably because it flees so fast.

Xevious 3D/G Edit

In Xevious 3D/G, Bragzas are seen in other housings, such as factories, gunships, and even an armed asteroid. They are also seen coalescing into the core of a huge battleship.

Xevious RessurectionEdit

GAMP Lives

In Xevious Resurrection, the Bragza appears as the final boss of the game, encased in a gelatinous-like substance. and is the only instance in the series where the core can be destroyed. Bragza attacks using circular lasers and homing in on the Solvalou. The core protrudes from GAMP instead of an Andor Genesis mothership, indicating that the Bragza shown in this game is in fact the last, pure incarnation of GAMP itself.

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