Solvalou 08

Garu Andor Genesis

Garu Andor Genesis is a remotely operated robotic space transport vehicle. It is an advanced version of the Andor Genesis. It first appeared as the final boss of Solvalou. After the repeated defeats of the Andor Genesis, GAMP set his sights on constructing a superior attack vehicle. The Garu Andor Genesis was the result.

Attack PatternEdit

Garu Andor Genesis has superior firepower compared to the regular Andor Genesis. It's flight path is largely the same however, slowly scrolling up the screen and firing upon the Solvalou.

As it is a transport vehicle, the Garu Andor Genesis has the ability to launch it's payload (a fleet of attack ships) at the Solvalou. Being highly armed, the Garu Andor Genesis can fire Zakato projectile rockets as another method of defense.

Xevious Arrangement Edit

Xevious angene-3

A strikingly similar craft appeared in Xevious Arrangement, as the third boss of the game. Its attack patterns are the same ones from Solvalou. This time it appears like a carrier, it can dispatch any enemies using its flight deck, allowing it to launch any kinds of fighters. It doesn't launch zakato rockets, however.

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