The North American boxart for Namco Museum DS.

Namco Museum DS is a 2007 conversion of Namco's most famous arcade games ported to the Nintendo DS with 10 games (in all) on it. You can access Super Xevious by Xevious, and the Old Dig Dug II from the new Dig Dug II.

Games Edit

Pac-Man Edit

In this game, you guide a yellow circle named Pac-Man to eat all the dots and evade the ghosts. Here's the [1].

Galaxian Edit

In Galaxian, you play as a space ship that has to defeat aliens. Here's the [2].

Galaga Edit

In Galaga, you play as a space ship killing space bugs. There are Challenging Stages to defeat where the bugs don't shoot at you. Here's the [3].

Tower of Druaga Edit

In this, you play as Prince Gilgamesh to save Maiden Ki from the spirit of Druaga.

Mappy Edit

Play as a mouse in the police force collecting stolen Items. Avoid all cats!

Dig Dug II Edit

Kill Pookas and Fygars. Use the stakes in the ground to create faults to sink parts of the Island.

Xevious Edit

Play as a plane shooting discs, dropping bombs, and making its way to the end of the game.

Pac-Man VS. Edit

Link up with a friend to play as the ghosts and Pac-Man!