Neo Andor Genesis

Neo Andor Genesis is a well developed, fully armored Andor Genesis in Xevious Arrangement, it can be seen in Area 4 as the 1st boss, and Area 16 as a rematch, being the penultimate boss before the Super Andor Genesis.

Attacks Edit

Its attacks on Area 4 are similar to the original Andor Genesis.

in Area 16

  1. It will launch 4 Giant Zoshis as a support gun enhancement, orbiting the main craft.
  2. Like the original Andor Genesis, it will fire Spario streams from its 4 destroyable guns, along with assistance from Zakato mines.

Once destroyed, another craft, Super Andor Genesis, will take its place as the final boss of this game.

Strategy Edit

In Area 4 Bomb the core as fast as you can, in Area 16 is the same on Area 4 but evade some bullets!