Xevious Terrazi

Terrazi (テラジ Teraji) is an enemy in the Xevious series. However it does not appear in Xevious: Fardraut Denetsu.


Artwork of Terrazi

In older appearances, Terrazi was very rare and only appeared as a replacement for Jara, and would behave vaguely similar to Toroid and Kapi; except that it was faster and would shoot more Spario at the player than most regular enemies are. From Solvalou onwards, Terrazi still move fast and spawn many shots at the player, but are now used as random miniboss battles and don't function in most ways like a regular enemy anymore.

In Namco's Return of Ishtar, in one of the rooms, a picture of Terazzi is seen.


  • Terrazi was based on the original version of the Cylon Raiders from Battlestar Galactica.[1]