Xevious: Fardraut Saga is the third sequel to Xevious. It was released for the MSX2 and was later released for PC Engine as Xevious: Fardraut Densetsu. The MSX2 version has two modes; the first one is a port of the original Xevious while the other one is a new 16 area-lasting game where you can choose five ships. The PC Engine version also has two modes except one of them is a 4-stage story mode.


In the PC Engine story mode, Stage 1 details the sucessful revolution of the group of humans meant for Bagurius against the GAMP. Stage 2 details Mu trying to escape Xevious. Stages 3 and 4 detail the battle on 21th Century Earth against the Xevian forces.


PC EngineEdit

Stage 1Edit

Stage 1 takes place on Earth in 14000 B.C

Stage 2Edit

Stage 2 takes place 4000 years later on planet Xevious. You play as Mu in a Torken resembling ship.

Stage 3Edit

Stage 3 takes place on Earth 12000 years later. This can be skipped if GAMP in Stage 2 is defeated.

Stage 4 (Stage 3 part 2)Edit

Stage 4 takes place after Stage 3 as the final battle against the forces of GAMP.



Area 16: Xornot Genesis

PC EngineEdit

Stage 1: GAMP (Original)

Stage 2: GAMP (Replica)

Stage 3: No boss

Stage 4: Garu Boza GAMP

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