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Xevious Arrangement is an enhanced follow-up to the original Xevious, and was one of the featured "arrangements" in the compilation arcade game Namco Classic Collection Vol. 1, which released in November 1995. Apart from more enhanced and diversified graphics and music, it introduced a new assortment of enemies and bosses, and also incorporated other patterns and maneuvers to existing enemies (i.e. Bacura traveling backwards or sideways).

A port of Xevious Arrangement was also featured in the Playstation title "Xevious 3D/G+" which included the option of alternate "arranged" music for the title.


Xevious Arrangement plays similarly to the original Xevious -- enemies would appear on both air and ground levels and you had to attack them with appropriate weaponry. The Zapper would destroy aerial threats and the Blaster would strike ground targets wherever the crosshair was positioned. The weapon-firing speed and movement of the Solvalou is slightly quicker, but to compensate the enemies are trickier and more diverse.

One new feature in the game was a power-up item that slightly enhanced your weaponry. One of the ground targets would dispatch a pick-up, and flying into the pick-up item would make the Zapper slightly wider. This is a one-time upgrade (no higher tiers), but when losing a life you are reduced to the standard Zapper.

Another new feature was simultaneous two-player (something most other arrangements would also feature in both Classic Collections volumes). Both players could cooperate in completing the game, while also indirectly able to compete for the higher score. Player One's Solvalou retained the standard coloration, while Player Two's Solvalou sported a gold and red coloration.

The entirety of Xevious Arrangement spans 16 "areas," and unlike the original Xevious, which looped after the final area, Xevious Arrangement does have a proper ending. A text prompt appears when entering a new area to mark your progress, and respawning will start you at the closest checkpoint you have reached. When all lives are lost the option to continue is available, allowing a full run of the game with additional credits. However, an additional three areas could be accessed after the ending credits if the player completed the game without continuing and uncovered every hidden Sol. The three extra areas are much harder, and continuing will not be possible -- when you complete all three areas or lose all lives, the game is over.

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