Zakatos are cannonball-like mines.

Xevious Zakato

Technically, there are 4 types of Zakatos. This list below shows the types of Zakatos:

  1. 1 Zakato (down)

Description- These Zakatos move down very slowly.

  1. 2 Zakato (any directions)

Descripiton- These Zakatos appear in every Andor Genesis. Also the directions depends on where the Solvalou is. Warping on to the screen, these flak bombs travel slowly down the screen in straight lines. If not quickly destroyed, they destruct and release a single shot in your direction. According to the Xevi language, Zakato means magic.

  1. 3 Brag Zakato
    Xevious Brag Zakato

Description- When they shoot, 5-way shots will happen. There more dangerous than the normal Zakatos. They go in any directions.You can tell if there's a Brag Zakato by looking at a red spot on it.

  1. 4 Garu Zakato
    Xevious Garu Zakato

Description- That enemy is the most dangerous out of all of them in Xevious. This enemy shoots with deadly guided missiles, but always appear in the same area. Those only appear on Areas 9, 10 and 14.

The first one appears on Area 9 of the game.

Three of those appear on Area 10.

The last one makes it's appearance in Area 14.